Southern Arizona Junior Golf Association

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About Us

The Southern Arizona Junior Golf Association is an organization with approximately 200+ members, ages 6 -18. We stress sportsmanship, rules and etiquette, and competition through weekly practices, group lessons, clinics, and tournaments. We hold competitive tournaments approximately once a month on golf courses throughout southern Arizona.

 Mission Statement

The SAJGA is addressing a definite need for the youth of our community by providing a wholesome program that builds self-esteem and confidence.

The game of golf teaches and requires discipline, honesty, etiquette, and mental toughness. These principles easily apply to everyday life and can provide lifelong guidelines for our members.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are Membership Fees?

Membership fees allow an eligible junior to sign-up for all SAJGA programs, within a defined season. Additional fees may be required for participation in some SAJGA programs. Membership fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

How do I withdraw from a tournament, and still get a refund?

You can withdraw from a tournament up to the "Refund Date" by logining into your players club account. Under the "Tournament" tab within your folder, you will see a list of tournaments. The word "ACTIVE" will show you which tournaments you are currently registered for. If you click on the "CANCEL" link, you will request to withdraw from that tournament. The "CANCEL" link will only appear before the "Refund Date". There are NO refunds allowed AFTER the "Refund Date".Once approved, your credit card will be credited with the registration fee for that tournament, MINUS a small transaction fee (usually $5 or $10).

Do I need to attend a Rules & Etiquette Clinic?

ALL SAJGA members wishing to play in SAJGA Tournaments must attend a SAJGA Rules & Etiquette Clinic annually. A deadline date will be published every season. If a member does not meet the requirement* of "Attending a Rules Clinic", their membership privilages for registering and playing in SAJGA Tournaments will be suspended. SAJGA members that "attend a rules clinic" with the JGAA or Ricki Rarick Jr Golf Program are deemed to have met this requirement*, as long as the clinic attended was in the season of competition. Proof of attendance may be required.

*members that play in the SAJGA tournaments have additional requirements (pass Rules Quiz, etc.)

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