SAJGA Frequently Asked Questions ...
What does it cost to become a member?
The yearly membership fee to join the SAJGA is $75.00.
What are the benefits of being a member?
Bag Tag
SAGJA Hat or Visor
Free JGAA membership
Free Ricki Rarick membership
Free clinics through The First Tee of Tucson – events will be advertised and emailed out when time permits – clinics include UofA & PGA Tour Superstore events
How much does it cost to play in the tournaments?
6 hole players- $20
9 hole players- $25-$40
18 holes - $75-$100
How do I join as a New Member?
On the main page of the website click on the New Member Registration box "Become a Member" located in the right hand column of the main page.
If I was a member last year does my ID and Password stay the same?
Yes, that is correct.  Even though you have to re-register as a member the ID and Password will stay the same.
How do I re-register?
Sign up on the main page of the website under "Previous Member Registration" in the right hand column.  Put your ID & Password and click sign in.  On top of the next page click “Register Now.”  Check the information and make any necessary changes.  Make sure that you put in the age and what Division to play in or you will be unable to register for any tournaments.  Once registered for current membership you will receive an email confirmation and will be able to sign up for tournaments.
When registering what is a Division?
  • (1) Boys & Girls 6-7 – Plays 3 holes each day 
  • (2) Boys & Girls 6-8 – Plays 6 holes each day 
  • (3) Girls 9-10 – Plays 9 holes each day 
  • (4) Boys 9-10 – Plays 9 holes each day 
  • (5) Girls 11-12 – Plays 9 holes each day
  • (6) Boys 11-12 – Plays 9 holes each day 
  • (7) Girls 13-14 – Plays 18 holes each day 
  • (8) Boys 13-14 Plays 18 holes each day 
  • (9) Girls 15-18 Plays 18 holes each day  
  • (10) Boys 15-18 Plays 18 holes each day 
In some of the age brackets, based on the number of juniors and ability, we will adjust the juniors to their appropriate playing ability. The more experienced player will play up an age division and the beginning or intermediate players will stay within their age division.  We will adjust the divisions as necessary after the first event if needed to be equitable to all participants.  If you have any questions please contact Landyn Lewis.
As a New Member what happens after I register for membership?
You will receive an email containing your Player’s Club ID and Password from BlueGolf. Be careful to remember your Player’s Club ID and Password as you will need them for tournament registration.  This ID & Password will remain the same for future renewal membership registrations.
How soon can I register for tournaments after I have become a member?
Once you have received your Player’s Club ID and Password, you are able to register for tournaments immediately.
What type of payment does SAJGA accept?
All registrations are done online and we accept VISA or MasterCard

If you have, any further questions please contact Tournament Director Landyn Lewis, PGA by CLICKING HERE.