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High School Golf:

 This is a resource center for high school golf players and coaches. High school golf is a wonderful opportunity for our kids.  The SAJGA is an all volunteer, non-profit aiming to make affordable golf opportunities available to juniors.  We support high school golf and its coaches.  Click on the links below.   

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Other College Golf Info Courtesy of the JGAA  is here.


High school golfers may compete in SAJGA, JGAA or any other organization's tournaments during the high school golf season as long as they do not use any high school owned equipment (like a high school golf bag) during these "outside" tournaments.  The student-athletes may use high school team logo equipment (bag, shirt, etc.) that they own without restriction.


Coaches,  Teaching your team golf rules is always difficult as it takes away from other practice time. 


Outsource that to the SAJGA.  Have your kids review the golf rules here and then take our rules test.  If you


email us your kids names, we will email you to keep informed on their progress.  Kids need to join the 


SAJGA (free email only membership will suffice) for usto be able to track their testing progress.



For further information, please contact:


SAJGA President, Ray Ramirez at


2013/2014 Major Golf Rule Changes (per Dean Visser)

1)  Target score formula has changed for Division I and II Boys (*SAJGA comment* both individual targets decreased by one shot (2 to 1 for DI and 4 to 3 for DII.  No change for teams.)

2)  Division Schools shall not exceed five (5) invitationals.  An invitational shall count as one match. (*SAJGA comment*There is no longer a limit of one 36-hole invitational)

3)  A match is either nine (9) or eighteen (18) holes.  An 18 holes match will count as two qualifiers and two matches.

4)  Post-season Tournaments - A practice (including walking of the course) or competition on the site of the state tournament is not permitted with the day after the posted last qualifiy date.  Schools/school which use the course as thier regular practice and match site during the season are exempt from this restriction. (


Things to do before a golf competition...

1)  Contact the Opposing coach two weeks prior to verify location, # of holes and start time

2)  Verify your  players are approved for dismissal and transportation is arranged with your school.

3)  Use the USGA Course Rating Look Up (above) to check course rating from each tee.

4)  On match day, verify with opposing coach the tee and state qualifying target number 

5) Exchange a roster-completed High School Golf Match Scoresheets (above) with other coach.